Said about The Queen of Hard Rock:

“Support, support, support!”

– Bryanboy –


“Both brains and rock´n´roll”

– Isabelle Ståhl –


“Musically, ‘The Queen of Hard Rock’ possesses the attitude of Lambretta’s and the pop melodies of P!nk”

– Robert Norgren – Twist Magazine


“You’re so aware. How come you ended up in the rock business?”

– Åsa Mattsson –


“A glimpse of another reality far beyond the well-polished surface. / … / From a humanitarian point of view, it is a painful theme but still something which is rarely spoken of.”

– Anders Frihamn on “My Webcam” –


“I love your song, ‘My Webcam’!”

– Let The Musik Speak – Extensive interview with The Queen of Hard Rock


“Hurry up – buy her demo while she’s still an underground artist, before she becomes bigger than The Beatles!”

– David Jannati – Arbetarbladet


“Unique-sounding metal – on the mark”


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