Dandy – Andreas Carlsson (softback edition)

Cover of Dandy by Andreas Carlsson

Dandy – Andreas Carlsson (Pocketförlaget, 2011)

This paperback edition of “Dandy” by Andreas Carlsson, includes a never-before-published chapter from the author’s debut novel, “Live To Win”.

Do enjoy a lavish party of Sir Elton John, or why don’t you experience some of the behind-the-scenes drama of the Swedish Idol TV production?

Summary: This is a splendid Summer book. Très dandylicious.

The softback edition is available with four different book covers.

Click here to read my full review of “Dandy” (the hardback edition).

– The Queen of Hard Rock

One Response to “Dandy – Andreas Carlsson (softback edition)”
  1. Glad they tagged me… Since I wrote the Dandy story. It’s first time I’ve seen my name on a web page with the story that came out of my head.

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